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Bellaire's Family-Friendly
Neighborhood Brewpub

CounterCommon Bellaire, Texas

We are CCBK

CounterCommon Beerworks & Kitchen is Bellaire's family-friendly neighborhood brewpub with 80+ indoor seats, bar, and a small outdoor seating area. Our beers are proudly brewed in-house on our 10-barrel system. Drawing inspiration from the diversity of the expansive Houston metro area, our food menu is heavily influenced by Asian and Latin American cuisines, and tailored to complement our constantly rotating beer menu.

Our Menus

Our menus are carefully tailored to offer something truly unique and memorable, but are flexible enough to encompass a wide array of palates and interests.

If you're wondering what our name means...


  • A leveled surface (such as a table) over which transactions are conducted or food is served
  • Tending toward an opposite direction or effect


  • A piece of open space for public use
  • Not rare; occurring, found, or done often

Taken literally, our name means “the opposite of common” – which is how we like to describe ourselves, from our menu offerings to our approach to life. We hope this resonates with you as you enjoy the space we have created for you. Come hang out with your family and friends, and make new ones. And, as always, remember to #LiveCounterCommon.

The Team


Dennis Rhee

Co-Founder & Head Brewer


Jaime Robles

Co-Founder & CEO

Minh Nguyen

Co-Founder & GM


Have a question? We’ve got answers. If after reviewing this section you still have some questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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